Halloween is lurking right around the corner, and for those who need some costume inspiration, why not look to celebrities for some spooky fashion ideas?

Perez Hilton and Seventeen shared a few of the celebrities’ best looks:

Heidi Klum and her estranged husband Seal used to love to dress up for Halloween together and have pulled off some pretty unforgettable looks in the past. One year they both dressed up as black swans.

Jenny McCarthy put a spin on the typical French maid costume by donning an outfit entirely of leather.

For those who want to go for an alternative, comfy look: Kelly Osborne dressed as a fried egg and finished off the look by bedazzling the costume and wearing a black bow on her head.

Kim Kardashian sexed up Little Red Riding Hood with a revealing top. She has also rocked Poison Ivy in the past. Those who want to try the look should try to buy a cheap green dress and glue some fake leaves to make the outfit. Don’t forget the red wig.

Fergie spoofed “Toddler’s & Tiaras” by wearing a short, bright frilly dress and a blonde wig. The pageant impersonator even carried around a trophy for the night.

Bridget Marquardt, best known for appearing on VH1’s “Girls Next Door,” made bloody look cute when she dressed as bride for Halloween.

Musician P!nk put a spin on the traditional clown’s costume by pairing it with black high-heels and a red clown wig with a zipper on top.

Carmen Electra had a good idea when she dressed as a movie theater food vendor, complete with name tag.

Songstress Christina Aguilera had a cute, laid-back approach to All Hallows Eve when she took her son trick-or-treating. The two dressed as skeletons, wearing matching skeletal hoodies.

Alyson Hannigan got the entire family involved in her Halloween costume idea when they all dressed as toys, with Hannigan being Raggedy Anne.

Everyone who is a fan of “Jersey Shore” knows that Snooki loves pickles; she even proved her adoration for the vegetable by dressing as a pickle queen one year.

Amanda Seyfried went for a quirky look one year when she dressed as a dog. That’s right, comfort was key for the actress here, no skin posing, high-heeled costume for her.

Nicky Hilton went for a classy look when she dressed as Holly Golightly from “Breakfast as Tiffany’s.” Grab your favorite LBD, pair it with some shades and long black gloves.

Nina Dobrev had a great idea when she dressed as Willy Wonka. She started with a top hat, purple coat and finished it with green gloves and fishnets. Ooma Loompas are optional, of course.