The week long search for missing 11 year old Celina Cass came to a tragic end as divers and authorities found the missing girl's body in the Connecticut River. The body's location was a quarter of a mile away from her home as mystery surrounds the disappearance and death of Celina Cass.

Investigators will search for clues in attempting to explain how Celina Cass died and went missing for a week. The last time Celina was seen alive was on July 25. She was in front of her computer but disappeared the next morning when her parents went upstairs to wake her up.

There were no reports on what she looked at on the internet before the disappearance. Speculations arose if she was chatting with strangers and decided to sneak away from the house during the night. But according to close friends, Celina would have not run away with any strangers.

Celina's stepfather told the media that he did not believe his step daughter would run off by herself. The most likely case is that she was kidnapped. No signs of forced entry or kidnapping were established after Police searched the scene leading to perhaps a suicide scenario.

"Based on what we have seen visually we are treating it as suspicious ... She was located in the water so we are trying to determine how her body was put in the water," said New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young.

Authorities now face tough questions in resolving this mystery. Was she kidnapped and murdered? Who may have she met before her tragic death? What was she doing on the computer the night of the disappearance? Did she plan to commit suicide by plunging into the river? Could there be an uncaught killer lurking in Celina's community?

A massive search was deployed as FBI joined a team to try and located Celina by air, ground, and water. The case now turns into a criminal investigation where police will be waiting on results from the autopsy. Young declined to speak on the cause of death, citing that first an autopsy is needed.

The New Hampshire town has been devastated by the news as family, friends, and neighbors held onto high hopes for Celina's safe return.

'We have brought Celina home, not the way wanted to bring her home," said Young nearing tears.

Members of the community gathered to pay respects to Celina and her family as neighbors request that there be closure to the case. No suspects have been announced but certain people have been questioned intensively. The community will also be on high alert in case a killer may be on the loose in the small New Hampshire town.

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