Canada-based Vivick is not just another industrial design company. It is a company that is out on a simple, yet serious mission – creating designs that represent a perfect marriage of form, fashion and functionality.

Founded in 1985, Vivick gained immediate fame by designing the logo for the Canadian National Fire Service and, ever since it has come to be recognized as a world-class design studio for IT peripherals and accessories.

IBTimes Tech&Trend met up with Vivick’s Vice President Andy Hu and Company Spokesman Richard Lee at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 to find out what makes Vivick tick and why they never fail to amaze the demanding customers with their designs.

1. We know that Vivick is from Canada. It is very cold now. What do you feel about Las Vegas? How many times have you attended the CES show?

AH: Our Company is located near Toronto. Because it is so cold outside, now is the best time for our 100 designers to focus and find inspiration and be creative with what they are passionate in doing. Las Vegas is a great place. Vivick was set up in 1985. As of today we have attended a total of 6 exhibitions. This year, we have showcased the latest desktop products.

2. Can you tell us what are the amazing products that Vivick is showcasing this year?

AH: In terms of product design, Vivick has brought to the show many products such as PC accessories, the latest audio mouse pads, digital keyboard mouse pads, calculator mouse pads, etc. Our AV series has a retro type of wall-mounted CD player. Our Car series offers Bluetooth products. In addition, at this exhibition, Vivick’s portable power supply series has for the first time launched the solar mobile power products. We look forward to gaining the respect of others at the show with our innovative products this year.

3. Are you the chief designer of this exhibition’s products?

AH: I am responsible for the company’s major decisions as well as Vivick’s brand name directions. I am also in charge of industry accounts and market development. Most of these initial ideas are mine, but I cannot take all of the credit. Our ingenious designers have worked round the clock to perfect the products we have introduced at the CES.

4. The introduction about Vivick says the company has designed logos for Canada’s fire department. What is Vivick doing now?

AH: Vivick was established in 1985. Now we are one of Canada’s most professional design companies. We provide users worldwide with the most top rated product accessories. Vivick provides upscale accessories in design for the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Sony etc. Vivick also provides fabulous decorative accessories such as mobile phone shell protection series, AV series, in-car series for super sports cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins.

5. All over the world, consumer electronic product design is compatible with Apple products. Where do Vivick products get their design inspiration from? Why do consumers find Vivick product designs appealing?

AH: Consumer needs vary. Followed by the “Apple” trend, we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our inspiration comes from countless hours of research and product testing. Vivick passes on the majority of user demand through detailed testing. We made tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of samples for testing in order to come up with the perfect product most suited for function and durability. On the basis of traditional design, we produce an aesthetic design through ergonomics studies, so as to provide users with the highest grade of accessories products that meet the demand.

6. How do you feel about participating in CES 2012?

AH: I feel warm and great! It’s not the weather, of course. This is the 6th time Vivick has participated in the CES event. In every show, we handpick specific products that we want to show. At the CES stage, we bring our wisdom and inspiration to the world’s most demanding consumers. Also, we use this opportunity to communicate with colleagues and other exhibitors to discuss cutting-edge design concepts.

7. This show has been indeed very inspirational. I’ve checked out your Desk Lamp with Speaker product for and found it very interesting. What do you think users acceptance levels are?

AH: It is also Vivick’s unique brand features. Our main emphasis is on design. We are a DESIGN COMPANY. Our target customers are high-tech fanatics. They love to use Vivick accessories products. Their acceptable levels are set really high in my opinion. We try our best to please our customers. We have shipped more than 10,000 of the item. We can say proudly that we’re very popular in North America and Asia.

8. Is this product your best-selling item? What is your best-selling designed item? What is the reason?

AH: Selling 10,000 of the Desk Lamp with Speaker is a small portion of Vivick’s business. However, it is not in Vivick’s top selling list. Our best-selling products are still the Apple product line accessories. The reasons are simple. Two factors. First, spare parts for our earliest product design was done for Apple. Apple accessories sector have already had considerable popularity around the industry. Second, rebellion. We do not follow the crowd. We try to be creative and different. You will always find Vivick product different from the competition.

9. Sounds like Vivick is like a teenage rebel in this industry. When will the public be able to purchase the products that Vivick has showcased at this year’s show?

AH: Yes, we see ourselves as very non-conforming and rebellious in our design. We don’t follow anybody else because we’d like to create our own path. From concept to final product, newly designed products take some time to create. We expect that within six months, Vivick will introduce more new design and new products.

10. Finally, your predictions about the future. In your opinion, in year 2012, which design class of product accessories will be the most popular?

AH: I project that tablets such as iPad, e-readers such as Kindle, and smartphones will continue to make deep impact in people’s lives. Design has to become more adaptable to individual’s mobile lifestyles. This is why mobile and carry-on accessories will be the best-selling products this year.