Computing is going greener - at least if the products at this year's Consumer Electronics show are any indication.

A number of companies are touting power-saving attachments for appliances, or solar-powered gadgets.

Solar Components, for example, makes the JOOS Orange, what it calls the #1 green product at CES. It's a solar-powered charger for mobile devices.

Like exercise? Then you'll love Tremont Electric's device for harvesting personal kinetic energy - basically a spring-loaded rod that generates a current when it is bounced. While the technology sounds almost silly at first, it's worth noting that the principle is similar to that used in wave energy generators - one of which Tremont wants to build in Lake Erie.

Not to be outdone, wind energy companies are also making an appearance. A company called Urban Green Energy is showcasing its vertical-axis windmills. One model, called the eddy, is rated for 600 watts and puts out 12-24 volts of DC power. It isn't a lot at once, but the company says it can produce a savings over time.

Even the lowly remote is getting the green treatment. Several companies are showing remotes that last longer - using fewer batteries in the process.

The show's organizers are touting their green credentials. In September the CES was named North America's Greenest Show by Trade Show Executive magazine.

Greenpeace is also having a press conference, though it will mostly cover which products are actually environmentally friendly and which are not. The group is releasing its Green Product Survey, which measures which companies really are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, and which are not.