Currently unemployed wide receiver Chad Johnson has a lot of extra time on his hands these days, and it appears he may be tailgating with NFL fans Sunday.

The former All-Pro often communicates with his 3.7 million Twitter followers, and exchanged tweets with a Cincinnati Bengals fan Wednesday morning. The two made plans for an airport pick-up and a trip to a Waffle House restaurant after an invitation to tailgate before the Bengals host the Miami Dolphins, Johnson’s former team.

The conversation went as follows:

@ochocinco tailgate with us this Sunday?! It would make my life! #StillLoveChad”, said Bengals fan Megan Shockey, whose Twitter handle is @mms1608. “@ochocinco so I should count you in for tailgating Sunday morning, right?! #StillLoveChad

“Can you pick me up from the airport? RT @mms1608: so I should count you in for tailgating Sunday morning, right?! #StillLoveChad”, Johnson re-tweeted.

“I get to Cincinnati on friday night... need Waffle House once i land please... RT @mms1608: absolutely. When and time?”

Johnson had a difficult summer both personally and professionally this year.

The Dolphins cut him after Johnson was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery by his then-wife, Evelyn Lozada. He entered a plea of no-contest and was sentenced to probation and required to attend anger management classes, avoiding the maximum 364 days of jail he could have faced.

The two were later divorced in September after 41 days of marriage.

The situation was made worse by HBO’s reality football program “Hard Knocks”, which chronicles an NFL team’s training camp each season. The award-winning show aired Johnson’s conversation and eventual release by Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.

After his short stint with Miami, several teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, were linked to signing Johnson but nothing came to fruition.