"Ridiculousness" isn’t just the title of Chanel West Coast’s MTV clip show. She seems to think her arrest on Tuesday night was also absurd. The co-host took to Twitter Wednesday to share her anger with followers regarding the incident and posted photos of injuries that the arresting officers allegedly gave her.

According to TMZ, the rapper was arrested at 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles for assaulting other civilians and an officer. She first got into a fight with a woman inside the club and was kicked out, the report claims. When she started fighting security, she was placed under citizen’s arrest until the authorities arrived and arrested her for battery.

A fan sent Chanel (whose real name is Chelsea Dudley) a photo of TMZ’s story, but the MTV star said they have the facts wrong. She denied fighting with a woman inside the club.

In TMZ's video of the arrest, Chanel maintains that she is innocent. Officers explain to her that after kicking and punching a cop, they can’t let her go home. “I’m sorry, but kicking and attacking?” she says. “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons.”

The cops don’t seem impressed by her career. “I did nothing. These people are hating on me,” she says before apparently crying.

Chanel maintains that the police officers were far too violent. “Police have gotten out of f------ hand in this country!!!” she tweeted. “This s--- ain't a race issue its a cop issue!!!! Time to put an end to this!!!”

About an hour after her rant, Chanel’s Twitter account was back to business as usual when she posted a link to her Soundcloud and asked fans to retweet it.

This isn’t the TV personality’s first conflict with security guards. In April, TMZ reported that Chanel yelled at a security guard at Coachella music festival when her friend wasn’t allowed in through the artist’s entrance.