Channing Tatum has been a busy guy lately. While promoting his new film, Magic Mike, Tatum has appeared on plenty of talk shows to speak about it, which has him starring as a male stripper. He drew from his real-life experience for the role -- and during more than one talk-show stop, he showed off the moves that has made Magic Mike such a must-see movie for women everywhere.

In promoting Magic Mike, Tatum appeared in a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sketch. During the sketch, Tatum and Fallon star in their very own spoof of Disney Channel and TeenNick shows aimed at preteens, which is titled Ew!

Fallon plays Sara (with no h because h's are ew), and Tatum plays her best friend forever, Susie Callahan. The two friends go through a list of things that are Ew! (e.g., phonebooks, Dustin Hoffman, outer space) and fight off the embarrassment of talking to Sara's stepdad Gary when he comes into the basement.

Susie (Tatum) also shows off the hip-hop moves she learned in dance class, to the riotous applause of the Late Night audience.

Also this week, Tatum visited the Today show and led a flash mob outside. Only press Play if you're prepared to see a seriously uncomfortable Ann Curry.

Did Al Roker just stuff money into Tatum's pants? That was awkward. It gets worse, though. In 2010, he stopped by Ellen and gave the giggling host an impromptu lap dance.

Tatum couldn't have known it at the time, but that probably won't be the last time he wants to dance, Magic Mike grossed more than $2 million from midnight screenings alone on Thursday.