Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan slammed rumors that they were headed toward a divorce. On Tuesday, Star magazine reported that the Hollywood couple’s relationship was on the rocks, but their bond is apparently stronger than ever.

"It's disappointing to see another example of Star magazine using outright lies to sell their weekly covers and trying to pass it off as journalism," reps for the couple told Us Weekly on Wednesday. "Their current delusional cover couldn't be further from the truth."

An insider told the publication at the premiere of Tatum’s new movie that the couple “really cute together.”

“She was totally supporting him and having a great time.” The source added Tatum and Dewan even took "selfies together."

But Star magazine’s cover tells a different story: "Channing & Jenna: $50 Million Divorce Shocker!" Star reported: "Channing constantly hits on women" and "removes his wedding ring."

Apparently, since the "22 Jump Street" star’s career has taken off, “partying, flirtatious antics and nonstop work schedule have pushed him farther and farther away from his wife,” Star wrote.

His hurtful ways apparently began when Dewan was pregnant, the magazine said.” The behavior continued during the press tour for “White House Down,” right after the couple’s daughter, Everly, was born. “Jenna and Chan fought about it constantly,” a source reportedly told Star. “She kept reminding him that he’s a married father who has no business hanging out with drunk women.”

“They may appear happy,” the insider added. “But things are not good.”

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