Finally, a place for Charlie Sheen to show his true self.

The wild actor is no longer employed at Two and a Half Men, but he may have a reality show job in the works with Mark Cuban's HDNet, cable network that broadcasts exclusively on high definition.

The Dallas Mavericks' owner recently announced that he's in discussions with Sheen about hosting a talk show or starring in a reality show.

Sheen's media stock has soared recently with his frequent egotistical and bizarre rantings. Partnering with Cuban might be a match made in media heaven.

We're trying to decide, Cuban said, in an report. Right now, we're taping a lot of different things that he's doing and we'll try to figure it out. It's still not 100 percent certain.

We'll do something together, but it's not certain it will be a show. It'll come down to what he wants do and what his situation is. We'll just figure it out from there, but it's a unique opportunity, I'll say that.

Cuban has already introduced Mavericks' fans to the wonders of Charlie Sheen. The team's promotions department has used Sheen in their creative productions.

Clips from Sheen interviews were cranked over the loudspeakers during the Mavericks-Grizzlies game at American Airlines Center on Sunday night.

Dallas Mavericks star forward Dirk Nowitzki recently promoted his bobble head night with a video that has him flexing while staring in a mirror. It ends with Nowitzki deadpanning, Boom. Winning.

Sheen and Cuban appear to like attention, so there's potential for this partnership to be fascinating and successful.

Both are certainly quotable.