Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men debut may have scored the show record ratings but Kutcher has been criticized by his coworkers and Charlie Sheen fans for not being as funny as his predecessor.

One of Kutcher's coworkers was reported by E Online as saying Kutcher wasn't as funny as Sheen, although he said the show would not want Sheen back even for double the salary.

[Ashton] is really a nice guy. Just a nice guy. And he's OK on set. He gets the job done-that's what we all want, another coworker said, E online reported.

Meanwhile, Sheen fans have also criticized Kutcher's performance. Boring! Bring Charlie Back, one wrote in a comment on Show Tracker. Ashton Kutcher is hot but Charlie Sheen is funny, another wrote.

27.8 million People tuned in to Kutcher's debut on Tuesday, more than any other episode in 8 seasons of the show. Meanwhile, 6.4 million tuned into Charlie Sheen's Roast- the biggest audience for a Comedy Central roast and was the second most-watched telecast in the cable network's history, the Associated Press reported.

The new season of Two and a Half Men, was highly anticipated by fans as no one knew how the show would kill Sheen off.

The show opened with the character's funeral and his wife explaining he accidentally slipped in front of an oncoming train after she discovered he had cheated on her.

Meanwhile, Kutcher shows up as an internet billionaire who had an unsuccessful suicide attempt and appears standing naked in Sheen's former house with character Alan Harper.

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mikecelestino Mike Celestino

Personally, I think Ashton Kutcher was the perfect choice to keep me not ever watching Two and a Half Men.

AshtonKutcher Ashton Kutcher

Just watched Two and a Half Men. It was... ok. But I wasn't impressed with Ashton Kutcher. lol

tammydaramz Oyindamola Daramola

I can't wait to see what Ashton Kutcher does with the show tho.. I'm sorta scared but we'll see tho as long as he doesn't try to be Charlie

fvirtanen Fredrik Virtanen

You're just like Bruce Willis. You were big in the 80's and now your old slot is being filled by Ashton Kutcher.

_Snape_ Professor Snape

Everyone knows this season of #TwoAndAHalfMen is just an elaborate Ashton Kutcher Punk'd prank.