Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Charlie Sheen will return to work on Feb. 28.

The troubled actor took time off from his show Two and a Half Men for rehabilitation. The show will produce four more episodes before wrapping up its seventh season. This is four fewer than what was originally promised.

The production of the show went on hiatus after Sheen was involved in incidents with alcohol, drugs and prostitutes. CBS aired the last original episode on Feb. 14 and plans on airing reruns until more episodes are filmed. The Feb. 14 episode was extremely popular as it was watched by 14.5 million viewers.

Despite Sheen offering to pay a third of the 300 crew workers' pay for the time the show was on break, it seems unlikely that they will receive compensation. Sheen offered to pay a third if CBS and Warner Bros. matched the rest. The companies are in no obligation to do so since the workers are considered freelancers.