“Two and A Half Men” returns to TV on September 19 with the iconic character of Charlie Harper being bid a teary farewell. The CBS sitcom has been in the news since the acrimonious departure of Charlie Sheen from the show.

So how have they done away with Charlie? According to Jon Cryer, who plays his brother Alan in the show, it will not be all long faces but will come with a few laughs.

In an interview with KLTA Jon discussed how Charlie will not die and Ashton Kutcher, who replaces Charlie Sheen in the show.

“I mean, Ashton just did the show on Friday and he tore the roof off the place,” he said in the interview.

He also dissed a TMZ story that Charlie will die in a ‘meat explosion’. He said it was unbelievable and assured fans that the sitcom will not leave them in a downer about the death.

How does Charlie die? Till date, it was believed that Charlie will die in a car accident when his vehicle rolls off a cliff. According to a TMZ report, he does indeed die in a metaphorical meat explosion-under a subway train in Paris. In the last season, he goes to the city with Rose, his stalker and neighbor. TMZ says that Rose reveals that he slipped off a platform and died under a train.

It is reported that Charlie Sheen is also eager to see his demise on the season premiere. "I think Ashton is going to kill it,” Sheen told Radar Online about his replacement. About his violent demise he had this to say, “I am honored that it took something as large and violent as an oncoming train to terminate my character," Sheen said to TMZ. "Anything less would have been an insult!"

Charlie Sheen is set to act in a sitcom based on the Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler movie “Anger Management”.