Although her commercial will be a big part of the Super Bowl’s downtime, model Charlotte McKinney has also revealed who she’s rooting for when the ball is in play between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

The 21-year-old bombshell is the star of the all-new, almost-too-hot-for-TV commercial for the fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. The ad shows her walking nude through a crowd at a farmer’s market with various fruits and other props hiding her breasts and privates from the camera. The spot ends with her in a bikini taking a monster-size bite out of the restaurant’s “All Natural Burger” with “grass-fed, free-range beef that has no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.”

As of this writing, the video has accumulated more than 6.3 million views. With the TV spot getting so much attention, many have compared the model with Kate Upton.

“It’s pretty obvious. We both have blond hair, we’re from Florida, and we have enormous t---. It’s superflattering to me,” she told Esquire magazine.

With her big break coming during the even bigger game, E Online caught up with McKinney to ask her, among other things, who she’s rooting for in the game. Turns out, she’ll be pulling for a Seahawks victory.

“One of my friends used to hang out with one of them, and they seem like a fun group,” she told the outlet. “I like Marshawn Lynch. I think he’s funny, too. So why not the Seahawks?”

It looks like Lynch, the Seahawks’ star running back, won the model over with some of his crazy antics dealing with the press. At the Super Bowl’s media day in 2015, the player arrived to answer questions from the press with absolutely no interest in answering questions from the press.

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” he repeated to reporters after some 25 questions, according to the Associated Press.

Lynch has a historically poor relationship with the media. In fact, the NFL fined him $50,000 for violations of the league’s media policy in November. Forced to show his face and field questions at Media Day, the player found a loophole that allowed him to have minimal contact with reporters that apparently impressed the gorgeous Carl’s Jr. pitchwoman. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether Lynch’s plan worked. The NFL player is currently being appraised for a potential fine after the Professional Football Writers of America complained about his Media Day stunt.

People can see McKinney’s TV ad as well as Lynch’s skills on the field during the big game on NBC Sunday, Feb. 1, at 6:30 p.m. EST.