According to the “Chasing Life” Season 1, episode 7 synopsis, April finally starts thinking about the life of someone else; her future child.

The episode is called “Unplanned Parenthood” and will follow April to a fertility doctor, according to the synopsis from ABC Family. When Leo reveals that she could be infertile after chemotherapy, April has to evaluate all of her options. This is going to be a struggle for the girl that doesn’t even like to acknowledge her cancer.

April is making strides towards being honest with everyone in her life. She will continue attending her cancer support group and turns to them for advice. She finally wants to tell Dominic about her cancer, but she isn’t sure how. Earlier this season, Dominic mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to handle someone close to him having a disease like cancer. So it might not matter how April delivers the news, Dominic could have a very negative response.

Dominic might be a bit too distracted for April’s confession after he “gets a surprising offer that will change everything.” It seems that Dominic's job might be taking him away from home for a while and the offer might even change his response to April’s leukemia.

April is also making strides in her professional life. April will have Leo’s okay to write an article on his father that portrays the politician in “an unflattering light.” It looks like April will get to have some more success at work after the article. As her condition worsens, another accomplishment in her professional life might only remind April of what she’ll soon be missing out on.

Also, why is Leo so okay with April publishing a negative story on his father? Audiences know that they don’t always have the best relationship, but this could also be a sign of Leo’s growing affection for April.

Meanwhile, Sara struggles with “the pressure of caring for April” and George tries to help her deal with the stress. It looks like April’s cancer could make her family become closer. 

This week's promo video also makes it look like April's love triangle will be heating up. Check out the video below.

Chasing Life Season 1 episode 7 will air Tuesday, July 22 at 9:00 p.m. EDT on ABC Family. What do you think Dominic's big offer is? Comment with your ideas below!