“Chasing Life” fans should expect April’s love triangle to heat up even more in the coming weeks. Leo and Dominic might not realize it, but they are in competition for her feelings.

Creator Sean Smith stated that Leo and April will only be getting closer in the coming episodes. “It heads in [the love triangle] direction, and as long as she’s still keeping her secret from Dominic, it’ll continue to threaten their relationship, which she’s very much into. But then it’s Leo whom she connects with and who can understand her best. They have to confront their mortality together,” Smith told TV Line.

Dominic and Leo are fairly different choices. Leo, a rich politician’s son, has a brain tumor and can relate to April’s new struggle with cancer. More importantly, he attempts to get through to April and make her confront her illness. Meanwhile, Dominic, a journalist, doesn’t even know that she is sick.

Leo will tell April about the side effects of chemo and April will have to face more life-altering decisions. Smith explained, “Before April starts chemo, Leo tells her it can render her infertile, so at 24, she’s having to make this decision: Before she starts chemo, does she want to have kids someday? Should she freeze her eggs?”

It sounds like knowing April’s secret will give Leo an advantage to winning April’s heart. Smith said that Leo telling her this “will only bond them more.”

Dominic can’t relate to April’s cancer at all. In episode 4, he even talked about cancer to April after Leo announced his brain tumor. He said that he isn’t a person who could handle someone who is sick.

Dominic is going to have to up his game if he wants to win April over.

Can Dominic win April’s heart if he doesn’t know the truth? Comment with your thoughts below!