“Chasing Life” had their first finale on Tuesday. And while the ABC Family series answered the burning questions of fans it also left viewers with some major cliffhangers. Episode 10 picked up with April in the hospital. She had been there for about a month, receiving treatments for recovery. But that didn't stop George from stepping on her doctors’ toes. However, George's behavior is the least of April’s concerns right now. Find out what you missed in the midseason finale below:

Everyone knows about April’s cancer: The secret is finally out now that Dominic knows about April’s cancer. He came back to see April right when he found out about her illness. Despite Dominic’s offhand comment about being unable to care for someone with an illness earlier this season, he comes through for April and wants to be there for her -- that is, until he sees her with Leo (more on that later).

April’s Secret Sister: April’s little sister Brenna isn’t a match for April’s bone marrow transplant. The school discovered that Brenna skipped the eco-conference and because of that Greer's family has forbidden their daughter from seeing Brenna. Tensions are running high, so it isn’t surprising that the teenager gets into screaming match with her mother. A very angry Brenna reveals that her father has a secret love child, Natalie Ortiz. It isn’t really a reveal because Sara has actually known about Natalie for a long time. She wanted to protect the girls and kept their half-sister a secret.

The Love Triangle: Dominic’s return causes some guilt for April. She’s worried that she cheated on him with Leo, but it’s a typical Ross and Rachel situation: they were on a break. Dominic doesn’t really have to find out about their relationship though. He sees April with Leo when she tries to make an escape from the hospital (she only gets as far as the chapel). The cancer patient calls Leo and asks him to rescue her. Leo comes in and tells her that she is going to make it. He takes her back to the cancer floor, and Dominic sees them. He confronts April and asks why she didn’t call him. She claims that Leo understands what she is going through, but Dominic doesn’t quite believe her. He can tell there are deeper feelings and he doesn’t want to be second best for April. He leaves her.

Who Is Dead?: April’s hallucinations make the audience think that she is dying. She keeps seeing her dead father. Later, she sees her dad with her dead friend from support group. The show brings in everyone she knows that has died this season. She isn’t dead though. Leo might be right! She might make it -- but Leo maynot. The episode ends with a cliffhanger. Leo leaves a voicemail for April that he wants to talk to her, and April finds Leo’s parents sitting in the waiting room. Leo wasn’t checked into the hospital earlier, so something happened. Is he going to make it through?

“Chasing Life” will return to ABC Family in winter with a Christmas episode. What storyline was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!