Having played four games for Chelsea since his £50 million move from Liverpool, Fernando Torres is yet to score for the Blues. His new manager Carlo Ancelotti has been trying to relive some pressure off his new acquisition, insisting that he is not asking him to score.

Torres' failings were accentuated on Tuesday when Chelsea won 2-1 over Manchester United, after his fellow newcomer at Chelsea, defender David Luiz scored on his first full home debut, despite never having played in the Premier League before. Torres, who scored 34 goals in his first season with Liverpool, seems to be taking time to adjust to new surroundings.

When Carlo Ancelotti was questioned by the Chelsea Magazine about the different effect his two new players have had, he said, We don't have to compare them. Torres didn't score but I don't ask my strikers to score. I ask them to play for the team. Torres did a very good job with that. People judge him on the goals he scored but I have to look at different things about his performance. He worked for the team, put pressure on the defenders, moved well in front and worked hard.

That's enough for me. Ask him, not me, if it will affect him but I don't think it will. I'm not asking him to score.

Torres, 26, admitted he would take time to adjust to new settings, and said it would make him a better player having the experience in playing different position. He said, If you want to be a top player, you have to be able to play in all these situations and I'm sure here at Chelsea I will play in different positions sometimes.

I'm ready for this because I want to play where the manager asks me to - I know the competition is high here. My movement often depends on the game and on the other team, if they are deep or if they leave space behind. Normally the striker has to be on the shoulder of the centre-backs to leave a space for the midfielders coming forward.

That's what I have been doing at Liverpool for the last 3½ years and it's one of the things I like to do.