Wardrobe malfunction has been a part of performing arts and such incidents are common with reality shows like Dancing With The Stars.

It is not just the season 13 of the DWTS that witnessed nip slips on stage. The reality show has a history of wardrobe malfunctions since its inaugural season.

However, the current season, after season 8, has become the second season in which there were two accidents on stage.

This week, the 23-year-old Waterloo Road actress, Chelsee Healey, broke into tears when a Holloween-themed costume slipped down while she was performing a tango with her partner Pasha Kovalev.

Earlier to this, in the second week of the season, TV host Nancy Grace also had a bit of wardrobe malfunction.

Here are earlier nip slips of Dancing With The Stars.

Kelly Monaco: The accidental wardrobe malfunction started from the first season of the dance reality show when Kelly Monaco's strap dropped from her shoulder while she was performing a samba with partner Alec Mazo.


Lil' Kim: American rapper and actor Lil' Kim in season 8 donned a jailhouse dress, and the tight top reached its breaking point after her jive performance. Show's host Tom Bergeron came to the rescue of the actress by steeping between the camera and Kim.

Melissa Rycroft: Reality television star and former cheerleader Melissa Rycroft had slight slip of the nip in season 8 after performing a sizzling samba.

Chelsie Hightower: In season 10, choreographer Chelsie Hightower had to face some embarrassment when her partner Jake Pavelka grabbed her back- and side-less dress during a complex turn revealing her top on stage accidentally.