It's certainly one of the more bizarre sports stories you'll hear all year: Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum was accidentally shot by friend and MLB Hall of Famer Robin Yount.

According to ESPN, Sveum recounted at baseball's Winter Meetings -- normally the biggest story around this time of the year -- that he and Yount were quail hunting in Arizona when he accidentally crept into his former teammate's line of sight.

Yount shot the animal, but Sveum was close enough where some of the six-shot pellets hit him in the ear, bloodying it by not damaging it. Sveum did not require stitches.

The Cubbies manager wasn't fazed by the incident and has been shrugging it off at the Winter Meetings. 

“You don’t get hit very often,” Sveum told The New York Daily News. “It’s not that big a deal.”

Sveum did admit that he's received some razzing about the incident. In baseball circles, Sveum says, friend have taken to calling Yount "Cheney," a moniker referring to ex-vice president Dick Cheney who famously shot a friend by accident during a hunting trip. 

More importantly, to Sveum, Yount "got the bird."