Just when we thought “Chicago Fire” couldn’t toy with our emotions any more (we’re still not over Leslie Shay’s [Lauren German] death) the masterminds behind the hit NBC series nearly killed off an entire squad when episode 3 aired Tuesday, Oct. 7. “Just Drive the Truck” began with the guys from Firehouse 51 talking about the future of their food truck business, getting particularly excited at the thought of automatic napkin dispensers.

But soon their papery dreams were put on hold when the house received an urgent call. Truck 81 was on their way to put out the flames when they saw Truck 61, one street over, racing to the same fire.

“Don’t worry, Casey. I’ve got this,” Cruz (Joe Minoso) said to Casey (Jesse Spencer), after finding out the lieutenant’s “old pal” Welch (Kenny Johnson) was on the vehicle adjacent to them. But Casey wasn’t interested in a “pissing contest.” Instead, he warned Cruz to “forget it” and to “just drive the truck.” However, Cruz opted to go against Casey’s wishes and picked up the pace even more. Which is why the collision with truck 61 ended is disaster.

The two vehicles collided, leaving many of the men on board battered, bloody and nearly dead (we're talking about visible bones and ripped corneas people!). Shortly after the accident ambulances were called to the scene to lend a helping hand. When they arrived, it was revealed that the driver from truck 61, Molina, barely has a pulse.

“I don’t know what happened. They came out of nowhere,” Cruz said prior to admitting that he wasn’t sure what color the streetlight was before blazing through it. “It happened so fast.” Because of his shady statement, Cruz was forced to take a Breathalyzer test.

Although Casey had Cruz’s back when it came to whether or not his friend had stopped at the light, the fellas from truck 61 were more than sure that Cruz was to blame for their friend’s brutal condition. A stop light video confirmed their theory when a tape showed Cruz riding through a red light at 20 mph. Cruz, in an attempt to defend himself, said that he slowed down for the light but didn’t come to a complete stop because otherwise they wouldn’t have made it to the fire.

“You’re looking at manslaughter charges,” an officer revealed to Cruz, explaining that if the driver from 61 died, he could be looking at prison time.

“This isn’t fair,” Casey said to Gaby (Monica Raymund) after telling his fiancée Cruz’s current situation. But soon the conversation took a turn for the better when the two talked about their future (if Gaby took a job on Truck 81). Although her new position could affect their lives, professionally and personally (even put a hold on their wedding) Casey explained to his future wife that he would never have offered the position if he didn’t think she was capable.

Gaby thanked Otis (Yuri Sardarov) for the opportunity and promised that her relationship with Casey wouldn’t affect her new position – that is, if she took it (which she later did). “I’m taking this very seriously,” she said to him.

When Truck 81 went to the hospital to visit Molina, Cruz told his buddies that he didn’t want a lawyer because he “didn’t do anything wrong.” But the boys from Truck 61 didn’t see Cruz as an innocent party. When Cruz went over to apologize for what had happened, Welch jumped down his throat, forcing others to split up the angry men. That’s when the bright idea of having a fundraiser for Molina was suggested. And yes, both firehouses would be there to support their fallen friend. But Molina wasn’t too keen on going – especially after what happened in the hospital.

“None of us have doubted you for a single second. So don’t’ you dare start doubting yourself,” Casey said to him. But we don’t blame Cruz for not wanting to go. Not only has he been receiving side eyes but his driving privileges were also suspended.

However, in the end, Cruz does make an appearance at the event, which is where he finds out that Molina is alive and talking. Soon after, the crew paid the fallen firefighter a visit, where they find out that Molina took the heat for the accident, getting Cruz off the hook.

“We heard about your statement. It took balls,” Casey said to Molina.

But the near-death of a firefighter wasn’t the only drama that happened during episode 3. Peter (Charlie Barnett) found out he had vertigo, which would prevent him from returning to work.

“The main thing I need you to understand is I can’t clear you for squad duty,” the doctor revealed.

“I’m a fire fighter. If I’m not that, then what am I?” he asked. But Peter found a loophole in his condition when he learned that Gaby had taken a spot on the truck, which meant a paramedic position was up for grabs. Looks like Peter won’t be absent from our lives after all!

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