China announced Friday its new military reform plan that includes establishment of three military institutions, CCTV News reported. The announcement comes nearly two months after Chinese President Xi Jinping said that his country was continuing the most important overhaul of its military structure in decades.

The establishment announced Friday comprises an army leadership institution, rocket force, and strategic support troops, CCTV News reported. The Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China said in a statement Friday that it was important to strengthen the combat skills of troops and build military services.

"The establishment of the army leadership institution, the rocket troops, and the strategic support troops is important…to realize China's dream of strengthening the military after considering the current situation,” Xi said, according to CCTV News. “It is also a strategic measure to build modern military power system with Chinese characteristics. This will definitely be a crucial milestone in modernizing China's military and be enshrined in people's military history," he added.

China has been showing its military power beyond its borders recently, most noticeably in the South China Sea. Ownership of islands on the South China has been disputed by China, the Philippines and other countries in the region.