China's Industry and Information Ministry issued statistics showing the country's total import and export volume of electronic information products reached $201 billion dollars in the first quarter, of which exports to $115.9 billion, accounting for 37.9 percent of the country's total export volume of foreign trade.

The statistics said that in the first quarter China's electronic information products export rose 20.2 percent compared with the same period of last year, contributing 36.3 percent to the country's exports growth.

The imports amounted to 85.1 billion US dollars over the same period, up 14.5 percent, accounting for 32.2 percent of the country's total foreign trade import volume.

Among all the export enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises exported 77.42 billion US dollars, up 16.7 percent, accounting for 66.8 percent of all exports. Sino-foreign joint ventures exported 18.68 billion US dollars, up 17.7 percent, accounting for 16.1 percent of all exports.