UPDATE: 2:35 a.m. EDT — Seven construction workers, who were buried in landslide in southeast China, have been pulled out alive so far, according to reports. Meanwhile, rescuers continue to search for 34 workers at the site of the massive landslide, the Associated Press reported.

Original Story:

A landslide in southeast China buried about 35 workers at a construction site early Sunday, local media reported. Of the buried people, five workers have been pulled out alive.

The incident occurred at the construction site of a hydropower project in Fujian province. The landslide was triggered by heavy rains Saturday, Xinhua News reported, adding that rescue operation is underway.

Rocks and mud with a volume of 100,000 cubic meters (3.5 million cubic feet) buried an office building and a living area of the workers’ at the accident site in mountainous Taining county, the Associated Press reported, citing a website run by the county’s Communist Party’s publicity department.

Firefighters and police were dispatched at the site, but rescue efforts are being hampered following the landslide, China's state broadcaster, CCTV, reported.

The local tourism administration at Taining county, known for its scenic lakes and canyons, ordered to shut down businesses at tourist spots, according to Xinhua.

Heavy rain has impacted most of southern China since Wednesday, causing floods and landslides. Rainstorms reportedly forced over 1,000 people in Guangxi region to evacuate the area and collapsed a road leaving one person dead and one missing.