China planned an e-platform for police in Hong Kong, mainland and Macau to join hands to crack on cross-boundary crime.

The police in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau have signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday to establish an electronic communal information sharing platform to crackdown on cross-boundary crime and also to enhance their working relationships and strategic co-operation.

The deal was signed in Guangdong by Commissioner of Police Tang King-shing from Hong Kong, Guangdong Public Security Department Director General Liang Weifa and Macau Secretary for Security Cheong Kuoc Va.

With mutual understanding and support a tripartite consensus was finally reached after numerous exchanges and discussions in respect of the content, network infrastructure and system security of the platform, Commissioner of Police Tang said.

Tang said the deal will provide an effective platform for the authorities to share information and enhance crime prevention.

The tripartite working group will further study details of the platform content and system technology.