Big brother China has beaten India for the first time in the number of students to US management schools. If the US is luring more Chinese students, the rise of globally competitive management schools such as ISB and other business schools is making Indians to stay at home.

According to the Times of India, Indians had the maximum number of graduate management admission test scores between 2005 and 2009, but this year, the Chinese have scored over Indians. There were more Chinese students - 80,000 against 65361 Indians - who had applied in US management schools.

But take heart, Indian higher education institutions are tougher to get into than overseas colleges. A case in point is Rohan Murthy, son of India's Bill Gates, N R Narayana Murthy.

The senior Murthy in an interview to CBS channel recently said, My son wanted to do Computer Science at IIT. To do CS at IIT, you have to be in top 200 - he couldn't do that - so he went to Cornell instead. I do know cases where students who couldn't get into CS at IITs, they have got scholarships at MIT, at Princeton, at Caltech, he added.

Many students in India are also interested in working in Indian companies as the country's economy is growing at a great pace, while the US economy is having a recession.