Tao Gang, vice-president of Sinovel Wind Group Company Limited, the largest turbine manufacturer in China, said on Monday the company has developed a 6MW wind turbine prototype that can be used in onshore, offshore and inter-tidal wind farms, a Xinhua report said.

The turbine is the first of its kind developed in the country. Otherwise, Germany was the only country till now capable of independently developing a turbine that is the largest in terms of capacity or is the only country to have ever tested the prototype in a natural environment.

Gang, in a report, said the turbines will be helpful in increasing development of Chinese offshore wind power. He added the prototype has a larger wind capturing capacity with blades having a diameter of 128-meter.

China is looking forward to utilizing offshore wind power in the best possible ways. According to Gang, Sinovel is planning to develop 10MW turbines soon.

Rival Chinese wind turbine makers are also developing large capacity turbines. Xiangtan Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd. (XEMC), located in central Hunan Province, developed a 5MW prototype last October.

Shi Pengfei, vice president, China Wind Energy Commission (CWEA), said the start of wind power projects and privileged tariff policies for wind power has boosted local production.

The top three Chinese wind turbine markers, Sinovel, Goldwind and Dongfang Electric, are also among the top 10 turbine developers in the world.

The first 100MW offshore wind farm started in Shanghai in August 2010 when 34 3MW turbines, developed by Sinovel, were installed.