Both of China's two stock markets opened lower on Wednesday morning. Then the stocks rose rapidly after a slight fall.

Shanghai Stock Exchange composite Index (SSE) opened at 3116.4 points, then rose 4.2 percent to reach 3278.3 points. Shenzhen Stock Exchange component index opened at 11149.3 points and then rose 5.5 percent to reach 11784.2 points. Financial and Real Estate stocks led the rebound.

Analysts said that the market picked-up rapidly after the SSE fell below 3,000 points because of newly issued policies.

Another important reason is that many wait-and-see investors consider 3000 points as an important psychological barrier and believe that the stock market will rebound after index fell below 3000 points.

China's SSE fell down below 3000 points on Tuesday's trading, which is the lowest in recent 13 months.