People have heard about products that are made in China and shipped to other countries but this time the Chinese chopsticks are produced in America and shipped to China.

China produces more than 60 billion sets of chopsticks every year but is that enough.

China is falling short of chopsticks and a U.S. company in Georgia is exporting millions of chopsticks to China.

Based in the southern state of Georgia, Georgia Chopsticks produces more than two million sets of the traditional cutlery each day.

The problem of chopsticks in China is because of a shortage of wood - and poplar and sweet gum trees in Georgia are ideal for chopsticks.

A Georgia chopstick operates 24/7 to keep up with huge demand of chopsticks in China and aims to export more than 10 million pairs of chopsticks a day by the end of the year with a labeled marked “Made in USA".

Jae Lee, a Korean-American started the Georgia Company in Americus, Georgia – a recession hit town with 12 per cent unemployment where 450 people applied for 60 jobs.

"When I opened this business the reaction from my friends and family was 'Are you crazy?'” Jae Lee told the Daily Telegraph.

Georgia Chopsticks make these cutlery at a very miniaml cost and the product gets sold in supermarkets in China.

“I thought what everyone else thinks. Everywhere you see in America it says "Made (in) China" and you wonder if in China they ever see ‘Made in America’,” Susan
White, one of the workers told the Daily Telegraph.

Manufacturers in China produce 63 billion sets of chopsticks every year.