Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese millionaire well-known for his philanthropic gestures, was admitted to hospital after having inhaled poisonous gas in Tianjin, media reports said Monday. He was trying to help emergency services remove debris at explosion sites.

According to local media reports, Guangbiao helped emergency workers for over 30 hours. Then, he started complaining about fatigue and chest pain. He was diagnosed with “moderate poisoning” after having been hospitalized.

Guangbiao is worth around $400 million, according to Forbes estimates in 2014. The 47-year-old millionaire is the founder of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Limited Company, Russia Today reported.

Guangbiao donated around $15 million after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. He also provided rescuers with around 60 trucks and cranes. However, he appears not to be one of those who believe donating money ends their commitment. He spent 54 days in the disaster zone in Sichuan.

Similarly, Guangbiao tried helping emergency workers in Tianjin where multiple explosions at a chemical warehouse killed at least 114 people Wednesday. Several hundreds were injured. About 70 are still missing.

The Chinese millionaire was recognized in the West for organizing charity dinner for the New York homeless in 2014. The dinner, however, ended in chaos as the attendees had not received $300 each, as promised.

Guangbiao is also known in the West for making an offer to buy the New York Times. Nevertheless, the offer was not accepted.

Guangbiao’s active involvement in charity work has earned him acclaim. His effort in Tianjin was appreciated on social networking websites.

“Scores of netizens said many philanthropists simply dole out money, but Chen takes a different tack as he also takes action,” Hong Kong news agency The Standard reported, “Undeterred by what has befallen him, the recycling entrepreneur vowed to monitor clean-up progress and possibly employ more scientific action.”