Feng Shui experts believe 2012 is the Year of the Black Dragon (or the Water Dragon or the Black Water Dragon). In any case, this year will be one of transformation and improvement.

The Dragon Years, the fifth zodiac in the Chinese cycle, follows the Year of the Rabbit (in a cycle of 12 years). The Year of the Dragon will start on Jan. 23 and end on Feb. 9, 2013.

Chinese Astrology is centered on the Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal (sign of the zodiac) can be converted into the Five Elements - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

The Dragon contains earth, water and wood. More importantly, since the Dragon is a source of Water (and is known as the Water Dam in Chinese astrology), and Water is the primary Element of 2012, this Dragon Year is expected to be a strong Water year.

Check out the top predictions, as calculated by various astrologers, for the year 2012 and for the five Chinese elements...

Metal - Chinese astrologers believe this year could be lucky for people with a strong Metal sign in their birth charts, as long as a strong Fire element is around.

White is the lucky color.

Trade and commerce are good career options.

Water - As mentioned above, this will be a strong Water year and will prove to a lucky one for people whose Water element score is low.

Blue/black is the lucky color.

People associated with travel, writing and communication will see great improvement this year.

Wood - This could be a profitable year, as far as money and investments are concerned, for people with good Wood scores in their birth charts. However, they should also be careful with words and deeds, as an unsavory reputation is indicated for the year. There is also the chance of health-related problems.

Green could be a lucky color.

Your creativity will boost you career.

Fire - Fire fears Water! Therefore, Water is not a good sign (for career and health) for people with low Fire scores in their birth charts. A significant degree of patience, attention to personal safety and conservative actions are advisable.

Female Fire signs can expect good social relationships; romantic, an engagement or even marriage could be on the cards.

Red is your color for this year.

Any job requiring your intellectual ability will prove to be good.

Earth - Water represents money or wealth to Earth. Therefore, the major event in 2012 will be money-related. If you have strong Earth signs in your birth chart, then the opportunity to make money is around you, all year long. Your income, investment and wealth will increase quickly

Yellow is the lucky color.

Property, estate and investments are good career options for you.