EA Expands Support Center In Galway, Ireland With 300 More Customer Service Agents

EA Expands Support Center In Ireland With 300 More Customer Service Agents

Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq: EA) announced plans today to expand its global customer service center in Galway, Ireland, by hiring 300 more employees in the coming months. The expansion that almost doubles the size of its European customer support center will be done with the support of the Irish government, which was competing with other major cities in Britain, Europe, and the United State to woo the company's customer service headquarters away from Galway.

Square, 'Mobile Wallet' Company Led By Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, Now Valued At $3.25 Billion

Square, ‘Mobile Wallet’ Company Led By Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey, Now Valued At $3.25 Billion
Square, the new rising star of Silicon Valley founded and lead by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, closed a $200 million fundraising round on Monday that now places the start-up's value at $3.25 billion. The privately-held San Francisco based company hopes to establish itself as the go-to mobile wallet in a growing industry of digital payment systems that all seek to turn smartphones into people's primary means of transaction.
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A man talks on his mobile phone as he walks past the logo of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) inside its head office in Mumbai

RBI Holds Repo Rate Despite 'Big Bang' Reforms

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) left interest rates unchanged but cut the cash reserve ratio for banks on Monday, disappointing market hopes that it would follow up the government's unexpected spate of bold reform measures by reducing borrowing costs.
Digital Domain

NFL’s Dan Marino Loses Millions: Why Did Digital Domain Go Bankrupt?

NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino is one of the major investors who lost millions when the visual-effects company filed for bankruptcy last week. The Oscar-winning company, founded in 1993 by James Cameron, had created effects for such movies as "Titanic," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the "Trasnformers" franchise.
Barack Obama at DNC

There Is No Debate, Obama Saved Ohio

Clearly, there is no debate. Based on the facts, it’s Obama who deserves all of the credit. His actions and policies saved the great State of Ohio from economic calamity.
A Qualcomm sign is seen at one of Qualcomm's buildings located on its San Diego Campus

iPhone 5 Plays: 5 Ways To Ride Tide Without Buying $700 Apple Shares

Want to play the iPhone 5 craze created by Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and not pay the price for Apple's near-$700 shares. Think of some of its suppliers like Arm Holings (Nasdaq: ARMH) and Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM), or even Corning (NYSE: GLW) whose products are designed into the product.
Facebook Ad Exchange Boasts Massive Return On Investment; Is The Social Network Finally Ready To Take On Google?

Facebook Ad Exchange Boasts Massive Return On Investment; Is The Social Network Finally Ready To Take On Google?

Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) experienced a brief respite this week following several weeks of dismal business prospects and plummeting share prices. Launching an initial beta mode of its new advertising system known as Facebook Exchange Facebook Exchange (FBX), advertising partners revealed good news that might finally reverse the SanFrancisco-based social media giant's post-IPO fortunes: Facebook is now better at gathering advertising clicks from web users than its fellow internet giant and chief r...
US Federal Reserve

US Federal Reserve Sept. 13 Meeting Statement [Full Text]

In the statement, the Federal Reserve announced Thursday it will buy $40 billion per month of mortgage-backed securities, the start of the so-called third round of quantitative easing, QE3. The Fed also said it will continue 'Operation Twist,' bringing total securities purchased per month to $85 billion.
China GDP

Is China’s Stimulus For Real? Economists Lower 2012 Growth Forecasts

China's economic slowdown is expected to reach its nadir in the third quarter, leaving growth for 2012 likely to fall below 8 percent, a level unseen since 1999. While top Chinese leaders remain confident that the world's second-largest economy still has "ample strength" in either monetary or fiscal domains to propel economic growth, economists caution that the $158 billion stimulus unveiled by China may not be all it's hyped up to be.


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