Twin 25-year-old sisters from the Chinese province of Yunnan have both underwent preliminary sex-change operations at a Shanghai hospital to become males. Shanghai Daily reports that this is a long-cherished shared dream finally come true.

The twin sisters have not revealed their names for privacy concerns, stating that Maybe we will announce the news in the future but now we will just keep it a secret to our friends and fellow townsmen. One of the twins continued that, We cannot afford to lose our jobs, which is the main source of our future surgical fund. It will be unavoidable that colleagues would gossip after learning what's happened.

While the twins have undergone the preliminary sex-change operation, they still have to perform the last phases of surgery, said Zhao Yede, their plastic surgeon. They are currently saving their money so they can return to finish the operations.

Once the last phases of surgery are completed they can then legally change their gender to male, until then, they will remain female, reports Shanghai Daily.

According to the Agence France-Presse, the women were put through medical and psychological tests before undergoing the procedures.

The journey to get to where they are today hasn't been easy though. The twins told Shanghai Daily that their family did not support the operation and were stunned and embarrassed. After both women threatened to never get married as females, the family gave up their strong objection.