Scientists have concluded that eating desserts such as chocolate cake for breakfast can actually help you lose weight.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University claim that eating fatty and sweet foods in the morning is good for slimmers as this is when the body's metabolism is most active--and gives them the rest of the day to burn the calories off.

They added that gorging on cookies or chocolate in the morning also helps stem cravings later on in the day.

Professor Daniela Jakubowicz said that those who try to avoid sweet foods entirely end up with a long-term psychological addiction.

Over 32-weeks, participants in the Tel Aviv study who added dessert to their breakfast lost an average of 40 pounds more than a control group that avoided cake, chocolate or cookies.

Here are four other weird tips for losing weight:

Brush your teeth:

Brushing with minty fresh toothpaste tells your brain that eating time is over. It also acts to ruin the enjoyment of anything you eat, as most things taste pretty bad when tainted with toothpaste.

Buy new crockery:

The problem could be down to the size of your plate. Larger plates simply look emptier, so downsize your dishware and shrink your portions.

Mess it up:

If you just can't help digging in to what's left on your plate then make the food look as unappetising as possible. Stick your knife and fork handles into the food so you can't pick them up, or throw a napkin on leftovers so you can't see them.

Picture this:

Place the most unflattering, gag inducing picture of yourself in the fridge. Every time you open that door you'll be reminded why you should shut it and walk away.