Chris Brown is calling B.S. on reports he and his friends trashed a rented house in Ibiza last month. The pop star took to Instagram to dismiss the rumor and also shared several videos of what the house supposedly looked like the day he and his team left.

According to TMZ, the landlord of the house said in a police report that the “Liquor” singer and his pals left vomit and urine everywhere. The report also stated that the group allegedly threw knives at the wall or carved the walls with knifes. In addition, the landlord said he had to have police escort Brown off the property because he didn’t leave when he was supposed to.

In a video posted early Saturday, Brown said the landlord made up the story to get more money out of him. Brown also said he recorded what condition the house was in before he left because the landlord had started to get aggressive and he wanted to protect himself just in case something happened. “This is exactly why I recorded all those videos in the house,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense. Once again, slandering my name … It’s f---ing petty and it’s unnecessary. It’s unprofessional, one. I don’t conduct myself like that. We turn up, we have fun, we’re not no f---ing animals, bro … Good luck on that money, we ain’t tear that house up.”



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Part 1!!! I want y'all to see first hand what kinda bullshit that people will try.

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In one video of Brown showing off the house, he said: “Now this right here is a recording just to make sure these muthaf---ers ain’t trying to get over because they doing some janky business, trying to put us at fault. Always Chris Brown’s problem, right. So, if y’all see some bulls--- on TMZ saying, oh, Chris Brown and them trashed the f---ing house or whatever, that’s the people, the landlord trying to get some money.” In each of the videos, the rented house looked to be in good condition. The only damage the 27-year-old singer showed was a dent in the wall.

Sources told TMZ that the landlord was also furious that Brown supposedly skipped out on paying him the $26,000 rent and was asking for $60,000 because of the rumored damages. Someone close to Brown told the outlet that Brown did pay the rent and said the mishap was simply a bank error on the landlord’s end.