Hip-Hop musician Chris Brown has been involved in a vicious love triangle between his ex Rihanna (who he viciously punched repeatedly three years ago causing their initial breakup) and Karrueche Tran (his current model girlfriend). While the two girls have been duking it out online, Breezy is facing problems of his own, as the Florida police prepare to issue a warrant for his arrest over his theft of a woman's iPhone in front of a Miami club-apparently he snatched the smart-phone after the a fan snapped a photo of him heading home with two groupies in an effort to keep Rihanna from finding out.

Now Karrueche has fired back at RiRi, tweeting a seemingly innocent photo of her boyfriend Chris Brown holding her two pooches with the words Basquiat & Bruno ??.The underlying message behind her words being that her relationship with Breezy is strong. Not only does he spend his time with her, but they take care of these animals together.


Unlike Rihanna, who has recently posted semi-nude photos of herself on Twitter as well as a picture of a package of rice cakes with sunglasses and hoop earrings (a not-so-subtle dig at Karrueche), the Asian model is spending her time with Chris Brown, and has the photos to prove it. Last week the happy couple were shown smiling on their way to an LA club, while Rihanna has recently been photographed in New York, presumably on business.

Karrueche was in the news recently after Rihanna fans began sending her death threats, causing the model to tweet Sitting in the house cuz I'm too scared to go out. Sometimes you just got to make the best out of a negative situation. Wonder if Breezy came over to protect her?