Chrissy Teigen has become the subject of a Twitter backlash after a magazine interview shared her plans to hire a night nurse for her and husband John Legend’s soon-to-be baby. Shortly after the incident, the supermodel took to the same social media site to clarify the issue and slam haters over the negative feedback.

The mother-to-be and “FABlife” host had no idea that her recent interview with Us Weekly magazine will lead to a stressful situation. During the interview, Teigen revealed that the best parenting advice she received was to consider getting a night nurse to help take care of her and Legend’s baby. A link to the same article was also posted on the magazine’s official Twitter account on Saturday, Feb. 20, which gained mixed reactions from fans.

Some Twitter users questioned Teigen and Legend’s decision, according to E! News. Twitter user Alyshia Sample described the Hollywood couple’s night nurse help as “awful” and stated that Teigen will “never get that time back,” referring to the experience of going through night baby feedings and diaper changes. Twitter user Pam Raulli even used the hashtag “#parttimeparenting” and called out both Legend and Teigen. He wrote, “Shame on @johnlegend and @chrissyteigen ! Night nurse!”

Teigen, on the other hand, took matters into her own hands and posted a message on Twitter Saturday. She explained that getting a night nurse does not mean that they will sleep through the night feedings and let the nurse take care of their baby. She stated that she and her husband will be also be up with the night nurse during those times. Teigen even described the night nurse as similar to “helpers and teachers” who will guide her and Legend through their first parenting experience.

“I am so used to sharing our life that I forget how protective I will be soon. I cannot handle this kind of constant judgement!” Teigen added.

Despite the negative feedback, there were also a handful of fans who were supportive of the Hollywood couple’s decision to hire a night nurse. Twitter user Roxsan praised the supermodel and mentioned that their foresight to take advantage of a night nurse’s expertise “shows how much of a caring mother” Teigen will be.

Twitter user Robin Phelps also shared, “@chrissyteigen having a night nurse doesn't make you any less of a mother. People will hate but in the end the important things is your fam!”