It seems that literally everyone cannot stop talking about Christina Aguilera and her noticeable weight gain over the past few months , so it comes as no surprise outspoken radio host Howard Stern pressed Adam Levine when he stopped by to chat on The Howard Stern Show about his plus-size fellow coach on The Voice.

This is a sensitive subject for women, but why do you think she's gotten so heavy? Stern asked Levine on the show on Tuesday about 31-year-old Aguilera. Is she upset? ... She used to be so f***ing hot ... And her clothes are too tight, right?

But instead of treading on murky waters, Levine kept it cool and defended his fellow host on The Voice.

Her clothes are tight. She likes to wear tight clothes, Levine said. She clearly likes to talk about being comfortable with being a woman and snapping her fingers and doing the whole thing.

Stern then committed the cardinal sin: He called Aguilera plus-size.

Yeah, but when you're a plus-size woman, you can't wear the tight clothes anymore, Stern responded, but Levine wasn't biting.

I wouldn't go that far, actually, Levine responded.

Then, of course, Stern asked what size dress Aguilera wears, to which Levine responded, I'm keeping my f-king mouth shut.

Aguilera has received a lot of flack recently for her weight gain since her divorce from Jordan Bratman, most memorable from her performance at Michael Forever in October last year. However, she maintains her happiness because she says she is happy in her own skin despite what critics are saying.

As long as I'm happy in my own skin, that's all I need. I'm happy with where I'm at. I have a boyfriend that loves my body. I love my body, Aguilera said last month at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Women, we are definitely under a microscope, and under massive scrutiny. You got to be strong, powerful, very confident woman.

The singer hasn't only gotten criticized for her weight gain and fashion faux pas in light of the extra pounds; After a performance at Etta James' funeral in January, Aguilera made headlines for sporting a risqué cleavage-bearing dress with an odd brown substance dripping down her leg, which some believed was period blood.