Tips are about giving thanks, but it can be tricky to determine how much is appropriate come the Christmas season. Whether it's for your doorman or your hairdresser, the amount generally depends on how helpful and responsive the recipient has been this year. So just how much is the standard tip at the holidays? Below is our guide on what to tip to thank the people in your life.

Time Magazine offered these suggestions for those involved with your child's care: Au pair or live-in nanny: One week’s pay and a gift from your kids. Babysitter: One evening’s pay and a small gift from your children. Day care provider: Cash ($25-$75) for each staff member who works with your child and a small gift from your child as well.

The Huffington Post suggests the following for live-in, apartment or home help: Housekeeper: Up to the cost of one visit. Superintendent: Cash ($20 to $80), or a gift. Doorman: Consider giving each cash ($15 to $100) in an envelope.

As far as personal care goes, CNN Money suggests the following for those who keep you looking and feeling your best: Regular hairdresser: Cost of one cut (or $20 to $100) if you go frequently. Manicurist: Cost of one session (or $10-$50) as well as a small gift. Personal trainer: Anywhere from $25 up to one week's pay. Massage therapist: Tip anywhere from $50 to $100, or the cost of one session. Barber: Cash equivalent to one haircut.

For the other people who make your life easier, here's what U.S. News & World Report says is proper etiquette: Newspaper delivery person: A cash gift of $10 to $20. Garbage collectors: Plan on giving each worker at least $20. "If you leave extra garbage any time throughout the year, then leave an additional $10 to $20 for their effort," U.S. News & World Report adds. Postal workers: The Postal Service does not allow for employees to receive cash gifts, but gifts worth less than $20 are allowed. Yard workers and gardeners: Consider giving each a cash gift of $20 to $50 each.