New York senator Chuck Schumer has called for setting a national standard in arsenic levels in juices, the Associated Press reported.

Schumer said the increasing amount of foreign juices being imported to the U.S. is the reason for the standard, the AP reported.

The call comes after TV's Dr. Oz said that apple juice contains harmful levels of arsenic.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, arsenic can be found in organic and inorganic forms in water, food, air and soil.

While arsenic can be found in juices, there is no evidence that the levels are harmful to consumers, according to the FDA.

The FDA also noted that it has been testing juices consistently over the past few years.

As a parent and grandparent myself, I understand the concern over recent reports that arsenic has been found in apple juice, FDA senior science advisor Donald Zink said in a statement.

Even Dr. Oz later admitted that the juice was safe, the AP reported.