Ciara held nothing back regarding her current relationship with Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson and her past romance with rapper Future while appearing on "CBS This Morning" Wednesday. The award winning songstress has found herself embroiled in controversy after photos surfaced of her and her son, Future Jr., spending time with Wilson, 26. In her interview Ciara, 29, said she has heard what the haters -- and her former fiancé -- have to say on the matter and she's not sweating it one bit.

As was reported by E! Online, the "I Bet" songstress said she believes she's being held to a double standard. Ciara said it's unfair that Future, 31, was OK with having her care for the three other children he has with three other women, but took issue with her bringing their son around Wilson. She also suggested outsiders who consider her decisions as a parent problematic look at it from another perspective, adding they should be thankful someone aside from her and Future wants to love Future Jr. 

"I was involved very early in the stage of us getting to know each other, and that's been a big conversation. It's kind of like, 'Well, what's the difference here?' I think that even for the men that were outspoken, it's like, wouldn't you want someone to love on your child, or love on the child that you are speaking about?" Ciara asked. "More than anything, it is a child we're talking about. That's the thing that I think people have to think about. It's like: Remove the adults from the situation. Really, this is my child here, and that's serious." 

In addition, Ciara said she attempted to reach out to Future so he could meet with Wilson before she brought her son around. Unfortunately the "Real Sisters" rapper opted to ignore her invitations. Rather than allow his unwillingness to talk affect her relationship, Ciara forged on with Wilson. She shared that, regardless of her relationship status, her son is "the most important" man in her life, and she just wants to do what's right for him.

Several famous men have spoken out against Ciara's decision to include her son in her relationship with Wilson. Not long after a first batch of photos surfaced showing Future Jr. visiting Wilson at training camp Aug. 1, rapper T.I. took to Twitter to express his distaste for the idea. He said he'd "go the f--- off" if that was one of his children. Despite the backlash, Ciara brought the toddler back for a second visit two weeks later. 

Unlike her fast and furious relationship with ex-fiancé Future, Ciara and Wilson are taking a slower and steadier approach. The pair have been dating for about six months and, as Billboard reported, she and her NFL superstar boyfriend have chosen to stay celibate. In an interview with the publication Wilson said the decision came to him while she was on tour. He said God spoke to him, asking him to "lead her." He brought the message to Ciara, asking her what she thought of doing things "Jesus' way" -- something she backed 100 percent. 

Check out Ciara's full interview with "CBS This Morning" below: