Three months after they tied the knot, Ciara and Russell Wilson seem to be very excited about their marriage. The singer recently did an interview in which she happily described her wedding day, while the Seattle Seahawks quarterback continues to brag about his wife on social media.

Ciara graced the latest cover of Legend Magazine, and she told the publication that the day in which she married Wilson was “perfect.”

“I definitely can say it was two of the most perfect days in my life,” Ciara said. “The day before and the day of the actual wedding was a special time. It was honestly so beautiful and I really felt like I was in a fairy tale. It was everything I hoped for. Everything I could have hoped for, dreamed of, happened on that day. It was memorable. We spent two days with all the people that we love, your family and your close friends. I’m definitely still floating, it’s only three months ago and it’s crazy how time goes by.”

Wilson has never been shy about expressing his love for his wife on Twitter or Instagram, and he seemed to be in an especially good mood on Monday. A day after leading the Seahawks to a win over the New York Jets, Wilson posted multiple pictures of Ciara on social media, calling his wife “my treasure" and “my everything.”

The posts come shortly after rumors began to spread that the couple might be having a baby. Ciara has been seen wearing clothes that could be covering a baby bump, though neither she nor Wilson has confirmed a potential pregnancy.


My Everything.

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My Wife.

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My Treasure.

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