Is Ciara addressing rumors that she is pregnant?

The “Dance Like We’re Making Love” singer posted a photo of herself wearing a skin-tight outfit and a corset on Instagram. While she did not address the rumors directly, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s wife appears to be denying speculations that she is carrying their first child through her outfit.

Ciara sparked speculations when she posted a video of herself dancing with former Miss America winners. In the clip, the “I Bet” singer appeared to be sporting a baby bump. She also posted a couple of outfit photos, which strengthened the speculations. In one of the outfit photos, she wore a peplum dress, which hid her hip area. In the other photo, she wore a loose-fitting dress.

Wilson also helped fuel the rumors by posting a couple of cryptic tweets about being grateful for an undisclosed reason. He and Ciara have yet to give a statement regarding the rumors.

Meanwhile, the two have been enjoying their married life. The couple has also not shied away from talking about their plans to have kids someday. Wilson has also been very open about raising Ciara’s son with future like his own.

Speaking to E! News, the NFL star said: “I was saying to somebody the other day, being a stepfather is one of the most loving things you can do. You really learn how to love love, especially when it’s not yours. You realize that every kid matters in the world.”

Ciara and Wilson got married in July at the Peckforton Castle in England.

When asked how married life was treating her, Ciara told Page Six: “Everything is sweet, we are so happy. This is really the happiest I have ever been.”

Ciara and Wilson famously vowed to not have sex before they tie the knot.