Supermodel Cindy Crawford is sharing the beauty secrets that keep her skin silky smooth and youthful in the latest issue of Into the Gloss. At 49, she indulges in exfoliation but also believes in “brushing” her body to keep her skin baby-smooth. She added that the procedure has fringe benefits like  “brushing off dead skin, invigorating the body, stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite and decongesting the skin.”

The mother of two regularly does neck exercises as part of her routine to keep her skin youthful. The Omega brand ambassador said that 20 years back she saw a woman doing exercises for her neck and explained to her the importance of keeping those muscles toned to preserve the jawline, according to E! News.

For her brunette tresses, Crawford uses a pre-wash conditioner on the ends while working out. She does this while exercising and then washes her hair, so that she does not spend extra time over it. The secret of her long glossy tresses is sleeping with a loose updo. “Sadly, my hair isn’t as strong as it used to be. Too many years of abuse and color have left it brittle at the ends,” she admitted.

The supermodel does take time to blow out her hair or get a blowout. When she slept with her hair tied into a loose topknot, on waking up she found that her hair was still smooth and some natural waves were also formed.

Crawford in her career spanning decades has worked with some great makeup artists and hairstylists, from whom she has learned some tricks. The supermodel relaxes by indulging in an infrared sauna, which is gentle, soothing, and therapeutic, unlike a harsh normal sauna. The sauna helps her relax and improves her sleep too.

Her beauty must-haves currently include Neutrogena Body Oil for dry brushing and Lush’s Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease Hair Treatment.