Cirque de Soleil have taken legal action over the singer's record 'Don't Hold the Wall'. Saskia O'Donoghue reports.

Cirque du Soleil are up in the air about Justin Timberlake's hit song 'Don't Hold the Wall'.

The Canadian company is suing the singer over allegations that the song copied part of a Cirque du Soleil composition without permission.

It's not actually a new song though - it appeared on his album 20/20, which was released in 2013. It's also sold more than 2 million copies.

Producer Timbaland and Sony Music are being sued over the record too - and Cirque du Soleil is seeking at least $800,000 in damages.

The action comes after last year's high profile case when the estate of Marvin Gaye won a $7.4 million jury verdict over the Robin Thicke hit 'Blurred Lines'.