Individuals can now consider the option of owning a luxury jet for their private travel without any concerns about capital investment, asset valuation risk and remarketing fees associated with owning a share.

CitationAir by Cessna is introducing their Jet Access program which provide access to CitationAir XLS or Sovereign aircraft without the requirement to own an aircraft.

The new program also allows customers with a 50 hours annual commitment all the benefits of fractional ownership, together with the flexibility and risk-free benefits of a Jet Card.

Additional hours can also be purchased as per the requirement. Also, the program allows for carry-forward of unused hours to the next year and one can also re-size the annual hours commitment and aircraft type once a year.

The Jet Access product requires no aircraft ownership, thereby eliminating any concerns about future residual values. With a simple upfront refundable deposit and no capital commitment, coupled by a minimal 12-month initial contract, this is a terrific opportunity for individuals and organizations considering private travel, said Steve O'Neill, CitationAir's president and CEO to Justluxe.

With a small upfront refundable deposit and no capital commitment, the Jet Access program by CitationAir is the perfect solution for private-aviation customers and organizations.