After introducing Ryu, Chun-Li and Charlie in various “Street Fighter V” trailers, Capcom has decided to showcase another "Street Fighter" who will appear in the highly anticipated fighting game, this time someone more villainous than noble. Now appearing in a showcase trailer is the classic “Street Fighter” villain and wielder of psycho power M. Bison, also known as Vega in Japanese versions of the game.

While the character looks similar to his original character design, sans the gray hair, his fighting style seems to have changed considerably since his last appearance on “Street Fighter IV.” While the character’s twisting “Psycho Crusher” and “Demon Stomp” have returned, it looks as if Capcom has decided to give the character a variety of new moves as well.

According to an IGN article, Bison's regular attacks will now have a piece of his purple psycho power, making the opponent burn after each hit. While it’s uncertain how much damage his attacks can inflict, the visual flair of his new abilities seems like a welcome addition to the game.

The red dictator also has the ability to reflect projectile attacks, which should be useful against characters like Ryu and Charlie. This is a fairly new ability given to the character, as another “Street Fighter” character named Rose was also able to reflect projectiles and was a wielder of psycho power as well, as stated by Siliconera.

Aside from showcasing the villainous M. Bison, the trailer also seems to indicate that juggling will be vital part in “Street Fighter V.” Though other Capcom games have used a fair amount of juggling previously, as in “Marvel vs. Capcom 3,” the tactic had barely been used in “Street Fighter” games preceding it, including the most recent game, “Street Fighter IV.” Oddly enough, the end of the trailer doesn’t tease an upcoming character as the previous ones did.

Whatever the case, it seems like M. Bison will be a dominating force in “Street Fighter V” and could even be a fan-favorite character because of the dominance he demonstrates in the trailer. “Street Fighter V” is currently in production for the PlayStation 4 and PC, and the M. Bison trailer can be seen below.

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Street Fighter 5 - M. Bison Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)