CNN reporter Dana Bash does not seem to have an amicable relationship with Republican candidate Ron Paul and his campaign staff.

On Monday, she confronted Paul with a series of questions that Paul’s campaign chairman Jesse Benton deemed “junk. The video, below, was recorded by an individual named Evan Kenney.

She first asked Paul why his campaign was “skipping Florida.” Paul responded that it was not true. He isn’t “skipping” the Florida primary race; he merely decided to not commit a huge amount of resources there.

“We don’t have that money in the bank and we can’t go to Wall Street to get that kind of money,” said Paul, in an obvious reference to Mitt Romney, whose top contributor in 2012 is individuals associated with Goldman Sachs.

Bash then asked what this decision said about Paul’s efforts to secure the Republican nomination, because it’s “hard to do it without competing in a state like Florida.”

“I think it tells you we are realistic…We shouldn’t act like the government and spend money we don’t have,” said the Texas Congressman, a professed fiscal conservative.

Then, Bash dropped what Benton called the “junk question.”

She spoke of a New Hampshire woman who was barred from meeting Paul at a restaurant earlier in the day. Paul could not meet her because he was chased away by a “media mob,” reported The Hill.

The woman, who may have been there with her 90-year-old mother, said “I think [Paul] lost some votes,” according to the Hill.

In light of this information, Bash asked Paul: “does this say anything about your ability to connect?”

“It says something about the media,” Paul said, before his campaign chairman interrupted and said Bash's question was “junk” and cut short the interview.

Earlier, Bash said on CNN that she, along with many Republicans, is “worried” Paul’s campaign will go deep into the race and “really hurt whomever the Republican nominee is.”

“Nobody thinks…that he will ultimately be the [Republican] nominee,” she added.