Randi Kaye drew a fresh round of side-eyes Tuesday when Anderson Cooper revisited footage of her spirited delivery of a story on Colorado's legalization of marijuana.

Talk of the reporter's possible contact high from the drug began Friday when CNN aired the final segment of its "Gone to Pot" series. After the segment -- which featured Kaye spending the day traveling around in a limousine full of weed smoke -- Kaye was fed into "AC360" live from Colorado via satellite.

Grinning and giggling throughout the live linkup, Kaye admitted to Cooper that she might have gotten a slight "contact high" while covering the story for the network. She added that she did "extensive research" while in the limo and actually began to forget the questions she wanted to ask and found certain things funnier than usual.

The footage resurfaced on Tuesday night during Cooper's "Ridiculist" segment on "AC360." Cooper first joked about Kaye's state during the live shot on Friday, calling it the "greatest live hit that was ever on the program" and a "career high-light" for the reporter. When he ended the "Ridiculist" and returned to his panel for "AC360," Cooper commented that he thought "she was high."

Kaye is sticking to her explanation that her silly fit on air was no more than a possible contact high. But many continue to question if that explanation sticks, seeing that it has yet to be outright proven that a contact high is actually a real side effect of being around marijuana smoke. But at least she has one pretty epic live shot she can add to her reel.