While Japan continues to rebuild and repair after recent natural disasters, a new alternative for concrete is being developed there that may strengthen structures in a fraction of the time concrete forms.

Japanese architectural design office TIS & Partners has created CO2 Structure, a material it says may become the new source for building over brick and concrete.

TIS says the material is twice as strong as normal concrete and can support large structures without nearly as many steel reinforcements.

CO2 Structure also is ready within a day while regular concrete can take around 28 days to fully harden.

The president of TIS & Partners, Norihide Imagawa, told DigInfo TV that CO2 Structure could have a possible lifespan of at least 50 years.

The new material will be presented on September 25 outside of the UIA World Congress at the Tokyo International Forum. It will be constructed into a dome by Tokyo Denki University students alongside the CO2 Structure's creators at TIS & Partners.