Can you think of three words that don’t belong together? How about Vatican, cocaine and condom? Well you’d be correct up until today, when German customs agents announced they found 14 condoms packed with liquid cocaine addressed to the Vatican.

The cocaine-filled condoms were found in a box at Leipzig Airport by German customs agents. It was mailed from an unnamed South American country and addressed to the Vatican post office, but not to anyone in particular, says the Federal Ministry of Finance. There was 340 grams of cocaine total, worth around $55,000.

The Germans sent it along to the Vatican in hopes of someone picking it up but no one ever came for it. It’s been sitting there since January. That’s right, a package of fourteen cocaine-filled condoms has been sitting untouched in the Vatican postal office for the past two months.

German officials think the intended recipient was tipped off about the sting operation. There are around 800 residents of Vatican City, one of which we know probably isn’t the guy police are looking for:

RTR3HQY3 Pope Francis waves at the end of his Wednesday general audience at Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican March 19, 2014. Photo: REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Up until 2008, the Vatican had no laws against drug possession. The oversight was discovered when a Vatican employee was found with 87 grams of cocaine. All they could do was send the employee to Italian jail for six months, per a treaty between the Vatican and Italy.

Vatican police and Vatican Interpol officials are working with their German counterparts to find the supposed recipient of the package.